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Affordable access to fresh and nutritious Australian produce

Bulk deliveries to charities & community organisations

Fresh produce at 50% off its recommended retail value^

Culturally inclusive produce that's consistent & reliable

How Does It Work?

We work with councils, charities and community organisations across Australia to facilitate bulk delivery of fresh food boxes for single households, families, students and seniors who are experiencing food insecurity.

Free delivery to a single location is available within our delivery zone (10 box minimum applies). You can order weekly or just as a one-off.

The One Box team can also assist you in your funding or grant applications for community fresh food.

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Fresh Produce Boxes from $8.50

Our boxes are filled with fresh Australian produce of consistently high quality, available to purchase at approximately 50% off its recommended retail value.

Browse the options below and contact The One Box team to get started.

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Group Order Enquiry

If you’re interested in bulk deliveries of fresh food for your community, please complete the form below and our friendly team will be in touch soon.

If you’re ready to place an order or would like to see sample menus, please download the order form.

You can also submit an enquiry if you’re currently seeking grant funding to provide more fresh produce to your community and would like to discuss how the Fresh Food Project could support your application or programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Who is eligible to make a group order?

    The One Box is working with councils, charities and community organisations to facilitate bulk delivery of fresh food boxes to individuals in their communities experiencing hardship and adversity. Contact us using the enquiry form above to discuss your requirements and delivery options. We offer weekly or one-off bulk deliveries.
  • Q: Is delivery free?

    Yes, we offer free delivery to a single location within our delivery zone. A 10 box minimum applies.
  • Q: Is there a minimum order required?

    A minimum order of 10 boxes applies. This can be a single type of box or a mix of our six available options.
  • Q: Can I customise the fresh produce boxes?

    The produce in our boxes cannot be modified. Our range of seasonal fruit and vegetables aims to be culturally inclusive and appropriate.
  • Q: If I prefer to pick up my group order, is this possible?

    Yes. We can agree on a suitable day and time to have your group order ready for collection from our premises. Please contact us using the enquiry form above to discuss your needs.
  • Q: How do I place a group order?

    Please submit an enquiry using the form above and our friendly team will contact you to discuss your order requirements.

The One Box, Core Program

The One Box recognises the chronic nature of food insecurity in Australia and offers a nutrition-focused food relief program where families experiencing hardship can access a regular and reliable box of quality fresh produce and staples over the full school year.

In 2020, The One Box delivered fresh produce to over 1,000 families each week during the school term. That’s 40,000 boxes and 400,000 kgs of fresh produce to families experiencing food insecurity across Australia.

The One Box model is unique, leveraging The Fruit Box Group’s national infrastructure, purchasing power and supply chain to drive an efficient food charity. The considerable financial savings gained from utilising this existing infrastructure means that a greater proportion of resources can be directed towards distributing and donating fresh food to families in need.

We’re proud of our innovative approach to food relief that means for every $1 donated to the program, a family in need can access $2 worth of fresh food.

Read full Terms & Conditions.

^ Discount off recommended retail value is approximate.

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