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Connecting Australian Communities Through Dignified Food Relief

We’re proud to release our second research report in partnership with Monash Business School. This report continues our commitment to internal and independent research to measure the value created by our fresh food relief program. 

In 2020, The One Box established a research partnership with a team from Department of Accounting, Monash Business School. Since then, many surveys, interviews and field studies have been conducted.  In their latest research, a South Australian primary school survey identified that almost two-thirds of households with primary school-aged children are experiencing varying levels of food insecurity. The impact on physical health, social and emotional wellbeing, and behavioural and academic outcomes are all largely impacted, irrespective of the level of food insecurity.

The One Box is connecting communities through dignified food relief as one of the few charities that consistently offer fresh, high-quality produce and bread to the same households each week, distributing these via schools and community centres. The research validates that reliable fresh food relief has fundamental benefits beyond financial or nutritional benefits – building community connection and trust, inclusion and dignity, and greater family wellbeing.

The need for fresh food relief is unmistakable, and we’re proud to be able to convert each $1 donation to The One Box into almost $2 of fresh food in the hands of recipients. Together with our research partners, we are committed to building a more complete understanding of the ways that The One Box impacts the diverse, resilient and resourceful families and communities that access our programs.

“We passionately believe that independent research is a critical audit which ensures our program is on track, so that we can genuinely assist people and make a difference to the wider community.”


Martin Halphen

CEO, The One Box


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