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Reimagining Fresh Food Relief in Australia

We’re proud to release our first research report in partnership with Monash University and Monash Business School. This report shares an improved, independent and holistic understanding of the value created by The One Box program. 

In 2020, The One Box established a research partnership with a team from the Department of Accounting, Monash Business School. The independent research team conducted a year-long field study to build on previous research efforts and develop a social impact measurement framework for evaluating and communicating The One Box’s impact. One of the key findings was that:

For every $1 donated, almost $2 was received in the hands of recipients. 

The value-add of nearly double is driven by The One Box being able to draw on the expertise, resources and supply chain of The Fruit Box Group specifically access to procurement expertise, substantial efficiencies in logistics and in-kind support and use of a national infrastructure.

Beyond the financial impacts and increasing practical access to fresh and nutritious staples, The One Box also plays a critical role in bridging barriers and building stronger connections between recipient families and their communities.

The One Box is reimagining fresh food relief as one of the few charities able to consistently offer fresh, high-quality produce and staples to those accessing our programs.

Together with our research partners, we are committed to building a more complete understanding of the ways that The One Box impacts the diverse, resilient and resourceful families and communities that access our programs.

“We passionately believe that independent research is a critical audit which ensures our program is on track, so that we can genuinely assist people and make a difference to the wider community.”


Martin Halphen

CEO, The One Box


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