What is The One Box?

In a lucky country like Australia, it’s really sad that so many families can’t afford to put fresh and nutritious food on the table. With thousands of children going without, we felt it was our social responsibility to try and make a difference.

The One Box program is an initiative that provides Australian families in need with a free weekly box full of fresh fruit, vegies, and bread over the full school year.


How Does it Work?

Each week, our team hand packs fresh fruit and vegies from Aussie farmers along with fresh wholemeal bread. Working with local community groups to identify families in need, we then deliver those boxes to hubs for collection by the families.


2023 Program

The One Box aims to support upwards of 2,500 households across Australia with ongoing access to high-quality produce, equating to over 100,000 fresh food boxes. We partner with more than 100 schools, charities, and community organisations to help alleviate food insecurity across the country. To find out more about our program, read our latest Annual Report and Research Report.

2017 Pilot Program

We distributed 25,000

fresh food boxes over 25 weeks to 1,000 households in need in VIC.

2018-19 Program

We expanded from providing 30,000 boxes in VIC & NSW in 2018 to 40,000 boxes Australia-wide in 2019.

2020 Covid Program

In a time of acute food

and health insecurity, we distributed 40,000 boxes to households across Australia.

2021-22 Program

We grew from providing 60,000 boxes in 2021 to over 100,000 boxes to 2,500 households weekly in 2022.

Fresh Food Relief & Dignity

The overwhelming feedback from recipients is that our produce is fresh, not processed or rescued, which nurtures the dignity of those that need it most.

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