Fresh Food Project

The One Box is driven by a mission to ensure that as many people as possible have dignified, reliable and regular access to nutritious food. Since 2017, we have supported thousands of families going through tough times with weekly boxes of fresh, nutritious produce and staples.

The One Box has launched the Fresh Food Project in response to the increased need for low-cost, fresh food in our communities. The project will provide households in Melbourne with access to affordable, high-quality fresh and nutritious produce. Our range of seasonal fruit and vegetables will suit a diverse range of communities and aims to be culturally inclusive and appropriate.

The Fresh Food Project will help to alleviate food stress and food insecurity in Melbourne in a way that delivers maximum value to the community in a dignified way. We’re proud to invest not just in people eating, but people eating well.

How Does it Work?

Affordable boxes of fresh produce and staples will be made available to the community. The One Box Fresh Food Project will be able to consistently offer high-quality, fresh produce at approximately 50% off its recommended retail value.

In early 2021, individuals and households will be able to purchase single or multiple boxes online. We will offer free delivery (within the City of Melbourne) or collection from our Kensington warehouse.

Order For Your Community (Melbourne-Wide)

The One Box is working with councils, charities, universities and community organisations to facilitate bulk delivery of boxes to individuals experiencing hardship and adversity across Melbourne.

Bulk delivery is free within the City of Melbourne and can be delivered Tuesday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. A 10-box minimum applies for bulk delivery to a single location outside of the City of Melbourne, within our delivery zone. Non-perishable box options are also available to order upon enquiry.


To find out more and to make an order, please submit an enquiry below. 

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