Capturing insights to help provide more meaningful solutions

Our motivation is driven by the fact there are too many families in Australia who cannot afford fresh produce. The One Box is an initiative that aims to address this problem.

We also believe there is currently a major gap of information available which accurately tracks the size of problems that currently exist within Australia such as hunger and access to fresh produce (due to financial stress), which in turn affects health, education outcomes for children and other social impacts as a flow on effect.

Our commitment to measurement

The Fruit Box Group has invested in a monitoring and evaluation initiative for The One Box Program. This initiative aims to measure the program in collaboration with The One Box recipient families, as well as explore how the delivered food is used and what are the range of benefits and impact.

“This program is as much about learning as it is about giving away free boxes of produce to families in need. Nothing can be solved if we don’t truly understand what the problems are. Our observations at this stage of the program are critical to understanding better what we need to do to have a sustainable impact in the future.”

Martin Halphen, Director of The Fruit Box Group and The One Box.


will be made to monitor & evaluate The One Box program Australia wide in 2019.

Studying the impacts & benefits of The One Box initiative across

1000 families in need

Conducted over

12 months

Capturing insights & learnings to understand what the problems are

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